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All time favorite

I keep on ordering Felicia’s ensaymada not just for me but for my family, friends and clients!
It’s an all time favorite!!!

So good!

The best ensaymada!

great food and service!

Best service for best food from my favorites in Bacolod!

Just like Blums of San Francisco

See's makes this and they are just as good however what the taste of these almondettes remind me of is the Blums Almondettes from San Francisco. I have nothing to saw except that we totally enjoy eating this. I just wish you'd offer them in bigger quantities.

BEST ensaymadas

I gotta be honest, I have been itching to order Felicia's ensaymadas from The Commissariat for the longest time. What had been stopping me was the price, which has been doubled, e kasi nga naman they're all flown in from Bacolod. So do I wait until I could go back to Bacolod just to buy THE BEST ENSAYMADAS I HAVE TASTED EVER!!, or do I just stop being a scrooge about it and order from The Commissariat already? The answer, I waited for a special occasion and ordered a box for my friend who is celebrating her birthday, and ordered a box for myself because it was my idea anyway. Don't get me wrong ok? If you think about it, the price is sulit because those ensaymadas are HUGE & THICC, rich, yellow probably from all the butter and egg yolks. They are so big that I don't think you should finish an entire piece in 1 sitting, but so yummy that you should not judge yourself if you do. Felicia's is one of the reasons why I want to go back to Bacolod again.

Best ensaymada!

Super soft and fresh. Not too sweet. I like that there is no cream and sugar sprinkle on top.

Always fresh and delicious!

The last box of ensaymada I ordered I gave as gift to a friend who (like me)is a 100% ensaymada aficionado. She received it 3 days after it was flown to Manila and according to her it was “talagang Masarap”!

This is I think my 4th order in a matter of two months. I have sent Felicia’s as gift to friends and relatives who I know loves ensaymadas! And every time I do, I get an appreciative message of how they really like it.

The Commissariat Flat Quillos
Meddie Arbolado
Crispy ice cream partner

The sweetness is just right and I love to crush it and sprinkle on my ice cream.

Soft, fluffy, and addicting!

I highly recommend the ensaymada of Felicia's. So far it is the best ensaymada I ever tasted. Best paired with hot coffee.


Superb service, fast , & easy transaction.